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Molly Bombardi-Mount

Kelly Dorsey

Joshuah Gregory

Allison Quintanilla Plattsmier (Secretary)

Mary Linden Salter (Chair)

Evelyn Yeargin

Claudia Bonnyman (Vice Chair)

Jen Purdom

Dance Machine by Tony Fleming

Dance Machine by Tony Fleming

Serenity by Anne Ambrose

Serenity by Anne Ambrose

Sunflower by Ruby Collins

Sunflower by Ruby Collins

Poppy by Kurt Wishing

Poppy by Kurt Wishing


Lynece Benton-Stewart

Executive Director

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Lynece Benton-Stewart oversees teaching and administrative staff; works with the Board of Directors to identify strategic plans and policies; leads efforts to gather evaluative data of HAPI’s programs; and identifies opportunities for growth through fundraising, partnerships, and service expansion. Ms. Benton-Stewart has over 20 years of clinical experience, is a licensed mental health counselor, and is pursuing her Ph.D. in Clinical Counseling: Teaching and Supervision. She  is passionate about the use of art in the recovery process, is an art collector, and volunteered with HAPI for years prior to her appointment as Executive Director.


Karla Felecia Scaife 

Program Manager

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Karla Felecia Scaife is a self-produced singer/songwriter committed to harm reduction and increased access to restorative healing practices for those affected by trauma. In childhood, she was nurtured by a faith community whose spiritual praxis was accomplished through care for others. As an adult informed by those experiences, Karla utilizes the arts to critically engage harmful hegemonic structures. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and a Master of Theological Studies from Vanderbilt Divinity School. Karla feels most alive when she is performing, listening to audiobooks, near water, or in the company of loved ones.


Marlynda Augelli has a C.F.A. degree and experience with after-school art programs. She teaches art classes and occasional print-making and tie-dying classes.

Marta Beatriz is a contemporary artist/poet/singer who lives in Memphis, TN since 2013. She is also a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist by the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, Therapeutic Art Coach with Transformation Academy. She uses healing arts as a tool to help people cope with symptoms of mental health creatively. 

Crystal Brown is a multi-faceted artist, well-versed in the healing arts. She explores her professional passions through painting commissions, murals,  portrait art as well as playing acoustic instruments at Sound Bath events. As a reiki master and yogi, she brings a powerful skill set to world communities.

Selina Hyzer graduated from MTSU with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. In 2020, she joined HAPI as the Outreach and Arts Coordinator. As her ministry in Coffee County began to grow, she felt lead to pursue it full time. In 2021, Selina stepped down from her administration position with HAPI, but is still involved today as a HAPI instructor, and independent artist.

LeeAnn Love has an master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy from Lesly University. She is a licensed art therapist and clinical mental health counselor. She has a private practice and has worked to create art therapy programs for children, youth, and families.

James Spearman has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He specializes in interior architectural design and space planning. Beyond the classes he teaches for HAPI, Jame has also taught art classes in elementary schools and the YMCA.

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