HAPI is seeking experienced Art and Poetry Teachers

The Healing Arts Project, Inc. seeks an experienced Art Teacher to teach art classes. This position requires a person to have the ability to work up to 5 hours a week.

HAPI provides free classes taught by a professional artist to a person with mental illness. Additionally, HAPI encourages and advances HAPI artists by curating, managing, and promoting public exhibitions of their work across Tennessee. Exhibits close to peer support centers allow artists and their peers to view their art in public. Public display of their work builds artists' confidence and pride in their abilities and brings a new degree of respect and support from their own family and friends.

Position Title: Art Teacher

Reports To: Community Art Event Coordinator


1. Excellent verbal, written communication skills and interpersonal skills; ability to build relationships with key constituencies.

2. Self-directed style, ability to work independently, proactively, and efficiently with only moderate direction or supervision. Effectively follows through on assignments.

3. Experience with personal or family mental illness or addiction is desirable.

4. Computer proficiency, including experience with Microsoft, Excel, Zoom, an aptitude for technology, and learning other platforms as needed.

5. Great organizational skills

JOB SUMMARY: Instructs adult students individually and in groups using various teaching methods such as lectures, discussions, and demonstrations. This position teaches adults in recovery from a mental health/ emotional health disorder and or substance use disorder at peer recovery centers


· Plans art lessons to meet the needs of all students and assists students needing additional support. Adapts teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students' varying needs and interests.

· The ability to establishes clear objectives for all lessons and art assignments and communicates those objectives to students.

· Establishes procedures for maintaining order in their classroom.

· Coordinate with the center's administrative staff to resolve any issues or concerns regarding the students.

· Must have the ability to complete a scoring rubric designed to assess progress and identify gaps in learning. Uses assessment data to refine curriculum and adjust instructional practices.

· Will prepare materials and classrooms for class activities and create a positive achievement-oriented learning environment.

· Participates in ongoing professional development activities

Other Requirements

· Valid Driver License and reliable transportation.

· Ability to maneuver or lift up to 25lb pounds.

· Travel within the state of TN (other cities)

Please contact Alyssa Tepfenhart if interested at

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