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Angela Easterling



Angela Easterling is a person in long term recovery and a multi-talented artist working in textiles, needlework, doll making, writing, dance, poetry, illustration, and painting. Angela began her painting and drawing journey in early 2020 as a way to cope with the many changes Covid-19 brought to the world. Angela began drawing “wonky faces” or (distorted faces) to relieve stress and to bring light to what seemed like a dark place. As her drawing evolved, she began to dabble with inks, acrylics, and watercolor. Angela pulls her inspiration from many artists and from the people she interacts with daily. Angela is a self-taught artist who hopes one day to receive formal art training but now relies on videos, and online classes. Angela’s passion is whimsical illustration. She is the mother of seven beautiful and supportive children and grandmother to fifteen grandchildren. She is a native of Northern California and has been in TN since 2000. 

Angela's Art Collection

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