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Augie Collier

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Augie was born in Germany to a United States Army Officer and teacher/artist parents. Born and raised in Nashville, Augie Collier selects the medium that he feels best fits the personality of the person he portrays. He works confidently in acrylics, oil, charcoal and/or pastels to capture the individual’s unique character. 

Over the years, Augie has accrued a number of skills which include being a n accomplished amateur painter, sculptor, home cook, fortune teller, golfer, linebacker, music collector, automotive enthusiast, 12 year yoga practitioner, classic fiction reader, mathematician and University graduate with a bachelor's degree focusing on corporate finance and economics. Augie has been creating art since a young age. His preferred mediums are watercolors and oils.  Which he works with depends on his mood and the project.  Augie draws a great deal of inspiration from Impressionism. Augie stated being creative and artistic often helps in being able to see a situation more clearly.  An interesting point Augie made about inspiration was that the “mood” has to hit in order to be creative, but that does not mean the mood is always a “good” mood.  Oftentimes, art is a way to release frustrations, sadness, and other difficult feelings and struggles.  

 Augie wants people to understand that "mental illness is a real challenge, but that it does not have to be debilitating and it does not mean a person cannot function and cannot achieve great things."

Augie's Art Collection

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