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Marta Beatriz 


Marta is a contemporary artist/poet/singer who has lived in Memphis, TN, since 2013. Marta is a full-time employee with Alliance Healthcare Services and volunteers her time to teach art classes for HAPI. She is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist by the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, a Therapeutic Art Coach with Transformation Academy, and a certified Creative Aging Teacher with the Tennessee Arts Commission. She uses healing arts as a tool to help people creatively cope with mental health symptoms. Over the past few years, Marta has personally used art as part of her healing story and loves to share that with the community.


Marta is receiving this award because of her talented and creative contributions to HAPI's art collection, her role in teaching advocacy through the arts to her peers, and her charitable and expressive means of sharing her art with the community.

Marta's Art Collection

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