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Laura Hudson

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Laura Hudson has been an artist all her life. A resident of Nashville, Tennessee, her art has been recognized across the country for its detail, playfulness, and vibrant colors. She often creates artwork featuring scenes of nature, such as birds or butterflies on the wing, fuzzy worms, or blooming flowers. “I like to put a lot of detail in my art,” Hudson says. Hudson’s preferred art medium is bright markers, which she uses with masterful and confident technique, agility, and speed. In fact, it’s not unusual to see admirers gathered around Hudson to admire her process as she creates colorful, cheerful works of art.


It’s no accident that Hudson’s artwork is consistently cheerful, featuring things of nature – from flowers to people – at the height of their beauty or in a moment of joy.  She wants her artwork to communicate happiness and brighten the day of those who see it…including herself. Hudson struggles with depression and has used art to cope with and manage her symptoms. Whenever she’s feeling low, Hudson reaches for her paper and markers. “Making art gets rid of my depression,” Hudson says, “because I have to make my drawings come to life.”Since Laura's Passing all of her art that is purchased goes into a scholarship fund toward helping other artists. 

 “I like to put a lot of detail in my art.  I enjoy sharing my art with others.  God gave me this gift of creating art.”  “Making art gets rid of my depression because I have to make my drawings come to life.”

Laura's Art Collection

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