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Healing Arts Project, Inc. (HAPI) provides artistic opportunities for persons in mental health and addiction recovery to promote healing, community awareness and inclusion. 


HAPI exists to fill a gap in recovery and rehabilitation services by providing free art classes taught by professional artists, art exhibition and publication opportunities, and outreach events. These opportunities help participants express and externalize their personal struggles as they create art to tell their story, promoting healing in themselves and understanding in the community.


HAPI serves approximately 500 individuals in mental health and addiction recovery each year. 90% say they feel greater self-confidence, comfort in social situations, ability to cope, and sense of self-worth as a result of being involved in HAPI's artistic programs.

Gold Horizon by Barbara Shirley

Golden Horizon by Barbara Shirley


Art Classes

HAPI offers a new tool in the recovery process through art. We bring art classes and supplies directly to the participants rather than asking them to come to us.  We do this through unique, invaluable partnerships with peer support centers across Middle Tennessee, who provide the space where we host classes, and generous funding partners.


HAPI encourages participants by designing, printing, and distributing bookmarks, postcards, flyers, notecards, and an annual arts and writing booklet – all featuring artwork and writings by participants. These publications help participants demonstrate their achievements and inspires support for their creative endeavors for recovery.


HAPI advances participants by curating, managing, and promoting public exhibitions of their work across Middle Tennessee. Public display and recognition of their work builds artist’s confidence in their own abilities and garners support from the local community, as the artwork enriches the lives of viewers. HAPI exhibitions reach approximately 30,000 individuals in the Middle Tennessee community each year.


HAPI hosts public outreach programs at exhibition locations, community centers, festivals, and conferences. These programs cover topics related to HAPI’s art exhibitions, the artistic process, and talented artists in recovery. Such initiatives raise awareness in the community and encourage the public to think about the mental health benefits of art participation.

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