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Asher Whittington

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Meet Asher, a vibrant 29-year-old trans man whose passion for art knows no bounds. In his journey through life, Asher has not only overcome childhood trauma but has emerged as a shining beacon of resilience and strength. His mantra? "Turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones," a philosophy that guides him through every challenge life throws his way.

Asher's love for art is palpable, driving him to constantly push his boundaries and master new skills. He sees every obstacle as an opportunity for growth, embracing life's challenges with unwavering determination. Currently, he pours his heart into his work at Centerstone, where he transitioned from being a client to a valued staff member, marking a significant milestone on January 23, 2024, his one-year work anniversary.

Volunteering has been a cornerstone of Asher's life since the age of 14, initially lending a helping hand at youth centers and now offering his time generously to HAPI whenever needed. For Asher, art isn't just about creativity—it's a sanctuary where one can express themselves freely, away from the shackles of judgment.

"Always be content with what you've got and never stop being eager to learn something new every day," Asher advises, embodying a spirit of gratitude and perpetual growth. He holds HAPI close to his heart, acknowledging their invaluable support, from providing art supplies to uplifting words, that have helped shape his journey.

Asher's Art Collection

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