Holding on to Hope

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

"Making art gets rid of my depression as I make my drawings come to life. God gave me this gift of creating art." -- Laura Hudson, HAPI Artist

Laura Hudson has delighted HAPI followers with lush, colorful artwork since Healing Arts Project, Inc. began in 2004. Laura is a prolific artist from Nashville who uses colored markers and detailed techniques to make her pictures tell a story.

Over the years, Laura has been most generous in sharing her talents with our HAPI audience. Laura received great pleasure in knowing other people enjoy her work, and said that when she felt down and needed a lift, she got out her paper and markers and started drawing to reach a happy place. Some of Laura's favorite subjects are scenes from lush tropical settings with birds, butterflies, flower blooms, and plant life. She brought life to birds, animals, and forest friends in their natural settings. She composed fanciful pictures for children featuring small animal friends, ducks, bunnies, and elves at play. Her pictures are in the art collections of many people who appreciate her beautiful contributions.

Laura's work has been exhibited at many public venues in Middle Tennessee. Her pictures have been in publications each year. In 2018, Laura was named Louetta Hix Memorial Artist of Distinction by HAPI.

Laura is a resident of Nashville, Tennessee. Due to recent illnesses, Laura is no longer able to continue creating art. We wanted to take a moment to recognize and celebrate the many talents Laura displayed in her artwork throughout the years.

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