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About the Art:


This is a 14 x 11" original work of art using color pencil on poster board by David D.


Please note the imperfections associated with this art piece, as shown in the images, because refunds/exchanges are not available for this piece of art. Thank you for your understanding.


We appreciate your purchase and/or your continued support of our mission and our artists!


About the Artist, David D.:


David D. had been participating in the Healing Arts Project, Inc. - HAPI - for the last five years. He was recommended by his counselor to participate in HAPI's services and hasn't looked back since. To him, art is instrumental. He feels that it is a visual communication that transcends across languages. He loves the calming effect art has on the mind and states that he feels like he's "on another planet" when he draws.


Advice from David:


“I want to use a quote from Hamlet ‘This above all to thy own self be true.’ When you use substances, it damages your body. Substance abuse is destructive, so you are destroying a part of yourself. But art is reconstructive, so if you care about yourself, get creative.” 


Who is HAPI:


The Healing Arts Project, Inc. (HAPI) exists to fill a gap in recovery and rehabilitation services by providing free art classes taught by professional artists, art exhibition and publication opportunities, and outreach events. These opportunities help participants express and externalize their personal struggles, thoughts, and feelings, which promotes healing in themselves and understanding in the community. HAPI serves approximately 500 individuals in mental health and addiction recovery each year. 90% of participants feel greater self-confidence, comfort in social situations, ability to cope, and sense of self-worth as a result of being involved in HAPI’s artistic programs.

Positive Mind

$50.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
  • Artwork sizing is listed at height x width x depth (if applicable).


    Artists choose between keeping, loaning, or selling their artwork created during HAPI’s artistic programs. The artists determine the price of each of their pieces and have approved of the sale of the artwork on this site prior to their listing.


    Your purchase will support this artist financially, assist in their personal healing process, and increase understanding in the community. A small percentage will be used for HAPI operation costs, such as providing free art classes and supplies directly to participants/artists and providing artist exhibition and publication opportunities.

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